Can you use photos of your business in a whiteboard video? Sure!  I recently worked with Outdoor Homescapes,  a backyard contractor in Houston.   Calling him and his company “backyard contractors” is quite an understatement.  They creatively imagine a backyard design to work around your needs, wishes and existing layout.  Then they provide 3D rendering of the concept and in the end build an amazing dream “homescape.”  They requested a WHITEBOARD video from me.   Simple line drawings of their work and finished products didn’t seem enough.  We took several great examples of their finished designs and then hand created line drawings that matched.  The WHITEBOARD result was an on-screen hand-drawn creation of their actual projects.   It not only truly reflected their skills but it also reflected their artistic design creation process.  Just one of the ways we can truly reflect your services.  Give me a call!

David K. Jones