Welcome to dkjCreative.com!

Thanks for visiting.    Maybe you’ve seen my other site jonesatlarge.com .  That site focuses on my voice acting career.  Here at dkjCreative.com we showcase more than just voiceovers.   Lately there has been a great demand for videos to be shown on YouTube, website pages, TV, presentations and sales pitches.

I voiced my first commercial at the age of 15 and became a TV/Radio station creative director at the age of 18. I am proud to have voiced projects for major films, documentaries, TV and radio.  I couldn’t begin to guess how many commercials I have written, not mention the countless comedy sketches and parodies I’ve penned.  The son of a professional artist, I have also been immersed in my love for graphic art.  My oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings have been exhibited and sold in galleries.  Of course, it was only logical that I became obsessed with electronic art:  Video, graphic manipulation and special effects.

This site represents a combination of what I love and what I offer.  Creative concepts, writing, artwork/design, voice acting, and video.  From just a script to a complete video production.